Friday, 23 November 2012

#101 Missy L love Missy S

Need a coat to keep you toasty this winter? But still want to look classic and classy?
Well pop along to Miss Selfridge... I did!
They have too many wonderful vintage inspired coats on sale at the moment, garenteed to keep you warm but looking great and with the upcoming cold snap, we all need a bit of warmth, don't we ladies?!

This military style jacket is fussed up with the playful ruffles, this jacket is available in other colours and even a mac version but I do have a soft spot for this earthy colour. Actually,  I loved this so much I bought it!

Miss S          £75.00

There is nothing that says 50s chic than a bit of leopard print and this is screaming it! Matching colour a cuffs and the slanted pockets add perfect, detail to this wonderful trench.

Imagine this with high, high hair and a splash of red... Sassy!

Miss S       £85

I'm speachless.... I just wish I saw this first... Well maybe I should have two coats for winter.

Miss S...... £85

This 30s/ 40s style faux fur just oozes class.... The layered cut fur adds a certain je ne said qua.  Imagine stepping through the wardrobe into this sweetheart! And too make it even more attractive, it's in the sale too!!!

Miss S.           £75

This lovely 60s inspired coat, calls for some cream wool tights, a mini dress and some black pumps and maybe a nice big fur hat! 

pretty as a picture, Miss S.       £85

Keep warm and have a snuggley winter xxxx

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