Thursday, 31 May 2012

#75 Just had to show you these!

I just had to tell you about this little sweethearts! You know there has to be a matching handbag somewhere... And I'm gonna' find it!

John Lewis   £64

Friday, 25 May 2012

#74 Top outfit... Top Shop... TopShop!

This sweetheart Halter Top has a lovely 50's bent to it, with it's halter neck detail and it's bold print. £26.99

These Shorts ping with orangy goodness and will neatly on the waist. The colour will show of your summer tan brilliantly! Unless you prefer to stay pale and interesting like me... Then I would suggest a slighty more subtle colour!
Pricey at £50, but worth it!

And top top the outfit off perfectly are these lovely little Shoes.
The golden rule of dressing is team brightly coloured shoes with a monochrome outfit... Well, why not switch that around!
By French Sole for TopShop £105

And I wouldn't be Missy Lil's if I didn't recommend at least one flower for your hair! £6.50.

And why not top the outfit off with a pair of these Carman Miranda studs for £6.50

Sunday, 20 May 2012

#73 Pound for pound...


Just had to share this poundshop bargain I got...
For a pound...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

#72 Accessorise with a Z

Doesn't this just ooze 20s/30's decadence and style?! Imagine sitting on your verandah, sipping Pimms and fanning yourself from the blistering English sun...

Lovely and all for only £6 from Accessorize

With the 20's came the love of Orientalism and this Aztec inspired bangle is a perfect example of their love of Eastern design.

Again from Accessorize but this time al little more but still a bargain at £12

These lovely charcoal woolen gloves with button detail, are not only designed to be worn or but, in true Hollywood style, held nanchalantly or hung out of your designer handbag.
Only £12 , again from Accessorize.

Now, this one says it in the title... Vintage shell hard case clutch...
The shell motif was very popular in the 1920's, recurring in the mid 60's. 

What a stunning piece from Accessorize for £38... Worth every penny!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

#72 Next does Natalie Wood

Searching through the new NEXT directory at the weekend, I lighted upon this little darling. The gorgeous lace overlay and pretty peplum hem brings to mind Natalie Wood circa 1960s, don't you think? And the perfect accompaniment to a figure-hugging pencil skirt and kitten heels - and a steal at just £24 of your english pounds.

Monday, 7 May 2012

#71 Bargain Vintage from Primark

There are many travesties in life... That chocolate is fattening, that Will Smith hasn't got a knighthood, that the weekend is only 2 days and that Primark has no online store... So once again I find myself in there to top up on fishnets (for £3 for two pairs, who needs to wash them!) and what do I see? Loads of vintage inspired bargains, that - with a little know-how and imagination - can look fabulous! So there I am snapping away on my iPhone, looking distinctly dodgy, and these are some of my findings...

This lovely little skirt is so pretty with the seaside detailing, reminiscent of 1950's fabric... Add a cardigan, some pumps and a ponytail and you have an outfit that any Bobby Soxer worth her salt would die for!

Only £8!

This pretty, sheer blouse would add a bit of zing to a wiggle skirt... Don'tcha think ladies?

And only £10!

This lovely little crochet dress has the 60's written all over it... Just think, add some cream pumps and sheer tights and for under £20 you could have a fabulous Twiggy-esque look

Only £17!

This little playsuit comes in many colours and patterns and at only a fiver each you can afford to buy all of them, this little mottled red number with the black detail was my personal choice.


Now this does need a bit of imagination to make this sheer, sleeveless blouse work but I would suggest tucking it into a pair of swingpants, the pleats would splay nicely once tucked in, but remember to pop a camisole underneath.

Only £10!

And I really couldn't resist this top as I bought it and a gingham version too! I wear mine with a pair of capri pants.

Only £6!

And finally some short shorts, perfect for summer and with a lovely nautical twist.

For the remarkably low price of £3!

But Primark don't always get it right... 
No Primark! No No No!