Wednesday, 16 May 2012

#72 Accessorise with a Z

Doesn't this just ooze 20s/30's decadence and style?! Imagine sitting on your verandah, sipping Pimms and fanning yourself from the blistering English sun...

Lovely and all for only £6 from Accessorize

With the 20's came the love of Orientalism and this Aztec inspired bangle is a perfect example of their love of Eastern design.

Again from Accessorize but this time al little more but still a bargain at £12

These lovely charcoal woolen gloves with button detail, are not only designed to be worn or but, in true Hollywood style, held nanchalantly or hung out of your designer handbag.
Only £12 , again from Accessorize.

Now, this one says it in the title... Vintage shell hard case clutch...
The shell motif was very popular in the 1920's, recurring in the mid 60's. 

What a stunning piece from Accessorize for £38... Worth every penny!

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