Tuesday, 21 February 2012

#48 Let's Play Footsie...

There's so much vintage inspred footware out there at the moment!
Here's Missy Lil's top 10

These stunning black suede court heels are reminiscent of any 50's starlet. Close your eyes... imagine a full-skirted coat sinched in at the waist with a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and these sweethearts... aaaahhh.

With 50% off at the moment from Schuh, these are only £29.99!!

These kitten-heeled sweethearts are just so classic, and the pearl detail adds that touch of glamour.
Clarkes £39.99

These amazing plush, green shoes have 53% off! They literally ooze Hollywood glamour, and for only £29.99 from Schuh, you can too!

      Stunning, that is all I have to say!
      From Next for £45

£64.99 will by you these lovely court heels                                        with bow detail from Clarkes

Theres no place like Schuh!
I would squash a witch for these gorgeous red glittery shoes! Wow!
Schuh £65

These just scream Olivia Newton John at me!
So you better shape up if you want this pair of yellow sandles.
Clarkes for £54.99

#8 These suede block heels make me think of crisp, starched nurses' uniforms from WW2. Sensible and sturdy, and yours from TopShop for £65

#9 Another Topshop offering. And well...they're animal print...they're fur, they're kitten-heeled...they're fabulous!
TopShop £52

And finally, these cute, cute blockheeled, flower detailed sweethearts are only £42 from Next.

Monday, 20 February 2012

#47 Draper Tie

I nearly forgot the tie... How about this? From Tie Rack for £19.99

Outfit #3 The Don Draper

On request from a Male Sweetheart Fan, we were asked to try and find the perfect Don Draper (MadMen) suit.
So here are my top four...  

#4 Topman £175

#3 Burton £119

#2 Burton £119

#1 TKMaxx £99.99

Sunday, 19 February 2012

#46 Mmm....Toastie

The 'Long John' has been around since 1915, so you couldn't find an item of clothing more retro!

These are from H&M, designed by the delicious David Beckham for only £19.99. I'm not promising you or your man will look as good as him with them on, but they will be toastie!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

#45 Not just for girls...

No, Vintage isn't just for girls...
This amazing suit just oozes style. Just picture Phil Daniels jumping on the back of his Vespa in this sweetheart.

From TopMan at only £150 for the entire suit!  
And what about this?! How to make a statement with one suit eh?!
The colour accentuated by the black lapel and piping detail just makes you want to rock around that clock all night! 

TopMan £150 

Monday, 13 February 2012

#44 Orange you glad I showed you this?

OMGLATCS - that's 'Oh my god look at these cute shoes!'

What about these with capri pants and a matching neckerchief?

I'm off now to get myself a pair, see you in town!

River Island £35

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Outfit #3 The Twiggy

There is no doubt that Twiggy is a fashion icon, that no vintage fashion blog worth one's salt could leave her out...and we're worth every pinch of ours.

First we have these cute denim shorts from Next for only £18 - roll them up a couple more times though.

Next for her top, I thought she was wearing a t-shirt, but on closer inspection found it to be a sweater - and how good is this match from Matalan eh? And you know it's going to be a bargain... and it is! A snip at £6!

Now to the shoes, and we had to go for the classic converse! These cutely titled 'lemonade tops', we found in TKMaxx for £24.99

And then to the accessories and where better to go that TopShop, Classic hoop earrings (£7.50) and white knee high socks (£5), which are very hard to find for women FYI... try dipping them in some yellow dye to match hers!

We all <3 Twiggy! And nothing from M&S!

#43 Especially for Valentines day

This heart-detailed number would look amazing with a lovely pair of black capri pants, some wedge sandals, and maybe a head scarf and sun glasses for the ultimate 50's Parisian look.

River Island only £20

#42 Weeeeeeeeellllllllll

Now this little sweetheart just screams the 60's with its micro-length and cut-out waistband.

Add some knee-length plastic white boots, heavy eye make-up and a killer bob and you have the perfect outfit that would make you 'wanna shout!'

£40 from River Island

#41 Ooh la la

Another great find at French Connection, The waterfall frill gives the bodice of the dress a lovely Bolero effect, perfect for those of us who like the 40's or 50's style.

Imagine this with a little fur stole and some sweet chocolate brown court shoes.

Or add a pillbox hat and some little white or polka dot gloves like these I found on the Tourne Vintage website.

And if you want the best news, it's in the sale! Pick it up now for £54 (down from £135!!) What a bargain!

#40 Abigail's party

For all you 70s sweethearts (the era, not the age) you've got to love this v-neck silk dress wouldn't look out of place on Alison Steadman!

A bit hefty at £145 but worth it for a party. French Connection

#39 Have a Vintage Valentine!

 Look at these undies from Kelly Brook at New Look... I have always loved her vintage style and this brings it right to you... Wow!

This gorgeous bra is a snip at £12.99, I can't see a price for the knickers but what about these beauties?....

...With the bird detail and lace trip... oooh weee all ready for a vintage valentine!

Knickers £9.99

#38 I'm going Dotty for Miss Perkins!

Just had a flit through Dorothy Perkins new range and it drove shivers down my spine. All you vintage ladies, especially lovers of the 20s-50s must visit this treasure trove of High Street Sweethearts!

#1  These Art Deco Earrings take me right back to flappers and the Charleston, to days of prohibition and the roaring 20's!
Dorothy Perkins only £8.50

#2 These denim shorts may look a little modern here but add a gingham blouse tied in the front, some kitten healed pumps and a ponytail and you could be an extra in Grease!
 Only £25

#3 The pattern on this little Sweetheart gives it a 50's flock wallpaper vibe and add that little collar and Sandy could be walking along that coastline dreaming of her Danny...
 Dotty P's £35

Sunday, 5 February 2012

#37 Is it Pre-mark or Pry-mark?

Some great offerings from Primark - again, no website...
This lovely flared tweed jacket has a wonderful 60's vibe - £20
 Every vintage girl loves a fur, and when they're on sale at only £20 we all can!
 How sweet is this blouse? Picture it with some Heyday Slacks and an up-do. Only £12!!
 I love this Chanel-inspired jacket. The 80's never looked so good.
Only £23

#36 Not just good food at Sainsbury's

Look  at these sweethearts from Sainsbury's. The detailing on the front just sets them off. And at £25 they're great value!
Sadly Sainsbury's don't have a website for they're clothes, but I'm sure your local will have a pair.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Outfit #2 The Audrey

To celebrate the fact that Missy Lil is off to Rome (capital of fashion) in a month or so, I've put together another look based on Audrey Hepburn's iconic outfit in one of my favourite movies 'Roman Holiday'.

The classic pin-tucked white shirt is a steal at £14 from Dotty P's - although any long sleeved men's linen shirt would do, with the sleeves rolled. The classic wide leather buckle-belt is from Accessorize (£15), the calf-length flared linen skirt is LK Bennett, available from House of Fraser (£45), while the natural leather gladiators are from our old friend OFFICE (reduced to £16).

And finally, the lovely silk polka dot and stripe vintage-look scarf is part of a new range at Oasis, and a must-have for any lover of the 50's look at just £20.

#35 Sexy

Need I say more??

TKMaxx £19.99

#34 Nice piping

What a fantastic coat! The white piping gives it a lovely classic appeal. This can be teamed with a number of outfits to create a number of looks through a number of eras.

£100 Monsoon

Try some badges from Paint Me A Picture and maybe a beret...

#33 The Starlet

You can just picture Monroe in this little sweetheart - it would accentuate all those fantastic curves.

All that's needed is some long cocktail gloves and some killer heels and maybe a feather, and the gentlemen would really prefer blondes!

TKMaxx £39.99

#32 So very Missy Lil's

This makes me want to leave my daughter in her sickbed and run down to Dorothy Perkins... Wow, imagine this with little white gloves and a matching pill box hat... I LOVE IT!

Dotty P's only £29!

#31 Yeah baby!

What can I say? Its bold big bright colours and skirt length could transport you straight back to the swinging 60's... Groovy baby!

Monsoon £55

#30 As featured in...

This gorgeous little lace sweetheart was featured in this months Vintage Life magazine (page 51) and can be picked up for a shade below £20 (rrp. £70) at TKMaxx

I wonder if they bought it for such a great price?

#29 Tell Laura I need her...

Another wonderful dress from Ms Ashley. With a lovely dragonfly detail, imagine it with your hair up under a scarf and some dainty black heels...
£80 Laura Ashley

#28 Tell Laura I love her...

What do you need to add to this Laura Ashley sweetheart to make a proper vintage 50's outfit? Answer: Not much. I hold all the classic elements, and for a stunning price tag of £95 it's an utter bargain.

#27 Next!

 I said I would find another, less pricey suit and I have this lovely tailored sweetheart from Next comes to only £87.

Imagine it teamed with some adorable little badges from Paint Me A Picture! Sweet!!

#26 Move over darling

This sweetheart is just too cute. With great Monsoon tailoring, puffed sleeves and the lovely pinky/red lace collar, this dress would look great on any 50's/60's starlet. Add some killer heels and let your hair down. An air of the late great Liz Taylor perhaps?

Only £55 from Monsoon