Wednesday, 8 February 2012

#38 I'm going Dotty for Miss Perkins!

Just had a flit through Dorothy Perkins new range and it drove shivers down my spine. All you vintage ladies, especially lovers of the 20s-50s must visit this treasure trove of High Street Sweethearts!

#1  These Art Deco Earrings take me right back to flappers and the Charleston, to days of prohibition and the roaring 20's!
Dorothy Perkins only £8.50

#2 These denim shorts may look a little modern here but add a gingham blouse tied in the front, some kitten healed pumps and a ponytail and you could be an extra in Grease!
 Only £25

#3 The pattern on this little Sweetheart gives it a 50's flock wallpaper vibe and add that little collar and Sandy could be walking along that coastline dreaming of her Danny...
 Dotty P's £35

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