Wednesday, 28 March 2012

#62 Dotty P's, A selection of style.

We love Dotty P's x

Add a smart pencil skirt, black  silk scarf and some sensible court shoes and this flamingo jumper would make any teatime swing!

Only £28

Sexy, sophisticated and Elegant. Add a big floppy, wide brimmed Fedora and wedged healed espadrilles and you would be the very essence of vintage.

Playsuit Only £35
This sexy, figure skimming outfit, topped with some seamed black stockings, heals and a pearl choker and bracelet... Wowza!
You could, for a splash of extra special glam add some shoulder detail, for example, How about this from  And at 2 for only £18... It would really look great!

Cocktail dress £30

Such sweet detail, add a pair of little white cloves and a daring hat like this one from Missy Lils  and you'd be ready for Ascot!

Lace Dress £40

This bird print dress is just darling! A pony tail, some ballet slipper pumps and a cardigan casually wrapped around your shoulders and they'd be clambering to carry your books home from school!

Bird Print Dress only £39.50!


Saturday, 24 March 2012

#61 Ready to hit the beach

#61a Lovely number with a very
        modest panty line!
        £39.50  from M&S


              #61b  This pretty flower    detailed cossy
         is from Floozie at Debenhams at £38

#61c And look what Topshop has to offer... I think my nanny had this suit!
        Only £34!!!



               #61d It's red, it's polka, it's lovely!
       £38 from Debenhams

#61e You can buy these as a suit or as separates for £12 each (Sadly no discount if you buy both!)
TopShop £24

#60 Perfect for summer

These shoes are a must for summer! Together with the wonderful detailing on the toe, the jute detailing was a huge statement in the 40's,.Espadrilles became fashionable in USA in the 1940s. Lauren Bacall's character in the 1948 movie "Key Largo" wore ankle-laced ones, not too dissimilar to these..

From The Gap US at a pre postage price of $59.95 (about £37)

#59 Drape to success

The 50's were all about the drape. This sweetheart adds a modern twist to the classic drape but with a bit of tweaking and some court shoes and of course a hat and you have a killer look!

Top Shop £39

#58 What a neck!

This has the iconic 1940's neckline with the rouching detail.

And believe me it looks great on!!!

TopShop £70

#57 Geometric and Classic

This glamorous dress shouts futuristic 70's couture with a spark of 1930's glamour. I also have a feeling that if the ever lovely Marilyn Monroe was alive today, she would get the chills at this geometric, sheer dress... Some Like it Hot!

Add a fox fur stole and suede heals and you have such an amazing, show stopping outfit!

Not cheap at £185 from TopShop but a dress with that much going on has to cost something...

Monday, 19 March 2012

#56 The Ice Follies

They call this a skater dress, I say add a white fur muff and cape and some boots, top it off with a fur hat and you have yourself a lovely ice skater dress! Why not top if off with a white version of this hat by Missy Lils

TopShop £38

Friday, 16 March 2012

#55 Wowza! 30's glam...

This shreeks 1930's glamour with 60's/70's overtones.


It has a nice pricetag but would be worth it to stand out at a party or a wedding.

Mango £79.99

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#54 Here comes the sun dar de dar dar....

How gorgeous? OK your going to have to search for these but I recently saw a Juicy Couture pair very similar to this in TKMaxx for only £39.99.

These pretty flowery glasses retail for $120 (about £76) but keep an eye out... Or two!

For a mere £62, these 1950's inspired sweethearts would look so great with a beehive and a pill box hat!

And then there are these! How adorable are these?
Again Juicy Couture, again not cheap at £76, again not easy to find, but wow... When you do!!!

More in my budget are these fantastic 50's inspired glasses from TopShop for a mere £16!

Fab-u-lous! Top shop £18 ONLY!!! Run, run to Topshop Now!!!

Go on... Treat yourself! These Prada glases are £215 and can be found in Vision Express...

And finally, these lovely vintage inspired glasses that have such a classic style they would look great with most eras! And at a snip at £15 from Accessorize.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

#53 Knitting circle go wild!

I just fell in love with this the minute I saw it! The stud detailing is so gorgeous and gives it a real edge and the crochet dress is to die for... Off to the shops I go!

Dorothy Perkins £25

#52 Bye Bye Birdy

The bird detail on this lovely little dress gives it such a vintage edge.

Another Dotty P's special for only £32

#51 Blue Hawaii

This does look modern here but add some high waisted capri pants and ballet slippers and you can the idea 50's style ready for any Hawaiian holiday!

Republic £18

#50 Oh la la

From the Hollywood style of Dietrich to the sexy futuristic look of Barbarella, this body suit is as diverse as it is stunning.

Republic for only £15

#49 We are the... We are the... We are the Mods...

Look at this fantastic monochrome mod dress! Any fan of Mods or 60's style will love this. Add some knee length boots and a Parker to create a really authentic look!

Warehouse £45 (Down from £60!)