Thursday, 28 June 2012

#80 University Chic

Living in a university tow, I feel myself drawn to the shop with the chandelier, Jack Wills. A great place to pick up a classic cardy or a sturdy brolly, but don't think there's not a vintage bargain to be found... Oh no...
Betwixt all the scarves and blazers, I discovered this great wax coat...

A bit hefty on the old purse strings, but add a mini dress, a sharp bob and some monochrome pumps and you're living a mods dream!

Jack Wills   -  £129

Monday, 25 June 2012

#79 Hello Sailor

Ain't she sweet? Popeye little pipe would be peeping like crazy at this little number!

Republic   £30
Maybe add a little anchor brooch or patch and maybe this little hat by Missy Lil's  only £18

And then finish it off with a pair of white deck shoes or pumps
and it's ship ahoy!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

#78 Floral and Fred

Isn't it amazing what you can pick up in your local supermarket these days?

Flowery things don't have to be soaps or ovenmits, today we have even more delicious and tempting things, like this 50's inspired yellow and black dress.

The cut and large print is classic and the colours just scream summer... and it has 25% off! Team with a little yellow cardigan and some suede peephole shoes or some yellow espadrilles, and maybe to glam it up for an evening, add a wide belt, and you have one stunning dress...

Tesco    £30... "Every little helps"

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

#77 Mata-can do vintage

After a barrage of  high priced vintage inspired wear, I thought I'd get some bargains for you... So I visited Matalan!

These sweethearts from Matalan are a bargain at £18...
 They would look
saucy with a draped dress and a flower!

This sweet little number is lovely, and so is the price tag...
Dress   £18

And why not add a touch of finesse to that dress with these
 Peep shoe Shoes for only £18 (I see a pattern forming)

And how about this for a fantastic cossie?

Top £4!!!!

Bottoms £4!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#76 it's fabulous, it's classic, in there NOW!

You cannot get a more perfectly silhouetted dress than this today.... Wowzas! It's sharp well taylored lines and little frilled embellishments just cry out "Wear me!... and maybe add a stole"

This fantastic dress is in Dorothy Perkins and my wardrobe now for only thirty quid... Yes, you did hear that right... £30!!!