Thursday, 26 January 2012

#15 it's all about Top Shop!

Here are my top 10 TopShop sweethearts...

#1 The Meringue - Marilyn would have squealed with delight over this Sweetheart! No need to accessories... Just add yourself and an updo... Fabulous!  £175 by Rare Opulence for TS...

#2 The Hepcat - The lovely a-symmetric lines give this the iconic shape of any Mary Quant 60's classic. £37.99 by Wal G for TS

#3 Cool Hollywood - I love the classic lines of this dress, team with a small string of pearls and maybe a pearl bracelet and some stunning heals and you're on to a winner. £42 by Motel for TS

#4 Swanny River - How utterly cute is this? Team with some high wasted Capri pants (If anyone knows of any, I am desperate to find a pair! Contact me on my Facebook page.) and some kitten heals or bowling pumps and what a great look for summer! And ONLY £26! 

#5 Ready for man's work - Such a great looking plaid shirt and a snip at £28!

#6 Any one for Tea? - I love, love, LOVE this little Tea blouse... You could wear this with slacks, capri's, a pencil skirt... anything... Hair up though... £36

#7 Dosvidanya, comrade - How wonderful is this Fur Cossack hat? Faux fur, so no guilt. £22

#8 Take me out to the ball game - This chunky knit cardy would keep the winter chills away and look devilishly cut to boot! £42

#9 Anyone for drinks? - Another classic black dress... Lovely and classy. £80 by Boutique for TS


#10 Wow - Say no more... I'm in 80's heaven! £29...

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